Arlen S. - June 2009

     This 1969 Pontiac GTO was built the second week of September 1968 at the Freemont California assembly plant.  It was delivered to Quebedeaux Pontiac in Tucson Arizona on October 22, 1968.  From that point it was used to promote the wide track 1969 Pontiac GTO.  It was the dealerships test drive car and promotional car at the local drag strip.  It was purchased by a local Tucson resident in late 1969.  The new owner continued to race the GTO and cracked the engine block in early 1971.  The engine was rebuilt under warranty at Quebedeaux Pontiac and the 1969 400 block was replaced with a 1971 400 block.  The first owner sold the car in 1986 to another local Tuscon resident.  He bought the GTO to restore it.  He drove it for two years and parked the car in 1988.  The GTO sat from 1988 to 1997 in Arizona.  The car was purchased by a collector car dealer in Waverly, Iowa in May 1997.  I found the GTO in June 1997 and finally bought it in August.  I started what would turn out to be a seven year restoration.  I restored the car to "stock" condition and have been driving it and showing it since 2003.

Base Price:   $3,337.47


TH400 transmission  $227.04

Power antenna  $31.60

Rear speaker  $15.80

Front disk brakes  $64.25

Head restraints  $16.85

Cruise control  $57.93

Rally gauges  $50.55

Safe T track rear end  $42.13

Push button AM radio  $61.90

Deluxe seat belts  $12.64

Rally II wheels  $84.26

Console  $71.62

Power steering  $105.32

Tinted glass  $36.86

Air conditioning  $375.99

G78x14 raised letter tires  $26.33

Suggested retail:  $4618.91

     Thanks to the friends and family members that have helped me with this project and thanks to my mom and dad for tolerating all the cars and trucks I have worked on and stored in their garage over the years.

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