Bruce and Terri T. - May 2011

      It was September of 1983.  I had just made the biggest decision of my life thus far.  I had just proposed to my girlfriend.  The planning had just begun for our wedding, which was to happen September 1984.  It was agreed that I would be in charge of finding transportation for the wedding day.  I, being a car freak already, seemed to be an easy task.  I was working at a local auto parts store and knew a few guys with convertibles.  I asked a co-worker and it was great.  The wedding came and it was a beautiful sunny summer day.  Having the convertible was fantastic.  This was our first experience with the Torino.  My beautiful bride (and love of my life) really liked the car and mentioned some day we should try to buy one similar when we could afford it. 

     A year later my friend asked me if I was interested in buying the Torino.  My heart dropped to my stomach as I knew a lot was happening in my life at this time.  I had just accepted a new job managing my first store in Mason City, Ia.  This meant moving.  We had also found out Terri was pregnant with our first child.  The problem was money, we couldn't afford everything that was already happening in our lives, let alone a car.  We turned down the opportunity and felt really bad, but knew it was the right thing to do for our new family and responsibilities. 

     Less than a month later Terri said "I know you really want the Torino, lets see if we can borrow the money and make payments."  I was really taken back by this and KNEW at that moment, I had married the right woman!  Somehow, we talked the bank into lending us the money.  We paid on this car for two years.  The Torino cost us $2200 in late 1985 and picked it up in the Spring of 1986.  Since then it has been in six weddings including my brother's and my father's second.  We have taken it on many cruises and have shown it at numerous events over the last 25 years.  We have a few trophies and many great memories.  I am also a devoted Shriner and have paraded with it many times.

     Terri and I set aside a little money each year to upgrade our prized possession.  Some years are better than other...LOL.  In 2005 we were able to have it painted properly.  I have bought and sold over 100 cars through the years, but managed to keep the Torino in my garage.  There have been times when maybe we should have sold it or at least we discussed it, but Terri said "forget it, we are never selling the Torino.  We will find another way!"  I'm not sure if maybe this car is a bigger part of my life than I might have ever thought.  We started our life together with the Torino, had a family and are still happily married (with the Torino)  After 26 years with Terri and the Torino....I think I'll keep them BOTH!!!

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