2011 Best of Show
& Participants Choice

1957 Chevy Convertible
Owners: Delbert & Jackie Hendershot
Motor: 270 HP 283 Cu. In.
Special Features: Cont. Kit, skirts, power seats, windows & PdB.

One day, I commented to my son, John, that it would be fun to build another black 1957 in a convertible. The next day he brought home one of the car magazines that pictured the car I made the comment about. After a few phone calls to Georgia, we asked our friends, the Finleys, to ride along and we all headed south! When we got to where the car was, we found it to be kind of a scary site to say the least.

I would say this car is proof that these old vehicles should never be sent to the crusher if there is any chance of restoring it or even if it could be used as a parts car.

It took us from October 2004 to the Spring of 2007 to bring it back to where it is now. However, take a close look before you start, for it will take friends and money to get where you want to be on the car.

The best part of the entire project and classic car scene is the friends you will make along the way!

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