Lynne's Drag Car - May 2009

This car was found in 1990 by a good friend of ours in Galveston, TX. It had been there for 10+ years after being retired from drag racing in the late 70’s. We picked it up about 6 blocks off the seawall paid $800 for it and towed it back to Minnesota on Thanksgiving Day.


Over the next 4 years it went from a rolling shell to a retro-70’s style race car complete with aluminum dish rims and leaf spring suspension with traction bars. The engine was a

289 bored .030 over, TRW forged flat top pistons and stock 54cc chamber heads with a bit of port work.  It was painted in 1994 with Ford Blue Lapis code KH.


In 1996 we decided to put the car back on the street so off came most of the race goodies and in came a complete interior, original style GT wheels w/BF Goodrich tires, sway bars and KYB shocks, complete 2.5” exhaust and a new hood to complete the transformation. (Lynne says “good riddance” to the hideous hood scoop!) We kept the same 289 engine as it used pump gas and over heating was not an issue.


Lynne finally talked Joe into letting her drive it on the strip in 2001 and a racing addict was born. In the winter of 2001 we started the journey again to make it a race car and this time there would be no turning back. The full race version rolled out in April 2003. We installed a 12 point roll cage and 4 link suspension with anti-roll bar. A narrowed rear end housing holds a Ford 9” Nodular carrier with 4.56:1 gears and custom 31 spline Moser axles. A complete Wilwood brake system was installed with a Biondo line lock run into a Hurst Quarter Stick shifter. The ceramic coated headers were custom made as was the “X” pipe to complete the exhaust system. The transmission is a custom built C4 with full roller bearings and stock gear ratios using a transmission brake and custom stall converter from Art Carr. We had utilized a stock block 302 made into a 347 stroker, until it split in half and almost got the car wrong side up. Note to self…520hp in a stock block is not safe! We’d gotten over 700 passes on that block when Lynne got a new set of pistons for Mother’s Day 2007 that brought the hp up over the 520 mark. She put twelve passes on the new configuration then went for a ride that anyone watching will not soon forget. The engine failure spared the Edelbrock heads and intake and the Holley 650 carb. Our current engine is another pump gas stroker but using a Dart block and pushing out over 550hp.  It runs the quarter mile in about 10.50 seconds at around 130 mph. The quickest pass to date is a 10.43 with a 1.45 60’.


Notes about some of the pictures: The shot of Lynne at Pittsburgh Raceway Park is a side-by-side launch with her brother in his 1980 Malibu running a 454 crate motor, so she comes by this addiction genetically. The next shot is from May 2006 and what happens when the hood rips off the hinges at 120mph. It has since been pinned. The last few shots are of what we found after the last pass on the 347 including exactly what was in the oil pan when we dropped it.


Real racers drive straight for the finish line –

the other guys drive around in circles looking for it!

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